Phytochem Products Inc.

Phytochem Products Inc., a startup venture based
on Tohoku University research,
realize a recycling future society.

About us

What are phytochemicals? 
Phyto means plant in Greek.
Phytochemicals are chemical compounds produced by plants to protect themselves
and they are also useful for maintaining human health.


Phytochem Products Inc. is a start-up company from Tohoku University.
We extract plant-based functional ingredients such as tocotrienol (super vitamin E), paraffin from rice bran,
and phytosterol from unused biomass by using cutting-edge technology from Tohoku University.


The products are widely available for fuel, foods, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, and daily necessities.


Learn more about super vitamin E >>


We aim to provide these natural functional ingredients in low price by fully utilizing inedible biomass
for the healthy life of people and a recycling-oriented society of the future.



The Ion Exchange Resin Method

Flow type reaction separation system from Tohoku University Ion exchange resins have been used as a separation medium in water.
Our ion exchange resin method is a revolutionary flow-type reaction separation technology that was the first to apply ion exchange resins as a catalyst in bio-mass derived oil separation. We use a solid catalyst, so various materials can be extracted from bio-mass derived oil, simply by exchanging the catalyst columns. We start with agricultural bio-mass waste products as the raw materials, process it through our ion exchange resin technology, to create commercial products that we consume in our daily lives, such as foods, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals and fuels.



    Kome toko rich®

    Mixed tocopherols and tocotrienols diluted with rice bran oil

  • High purity

    Functional test reagents

    High purity natural tocotrienols and
    tocopherol derived from rice bran or palm

  • Paraffin from
    rice bran™


    100% Plant-based paraffin for cosmetic ingredients


Tohoku University Cooperative Business Incubator T-Biz 103
6-6-40 Aza-Aoba Aramaki Aoba-ku Sendai City, Miyagi Prefecture
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