Phytochem Products Inc.


Phytochem Products Inc., a startup venture based on Tohoku University research,
realize healthy longevity in an ageing society providing natural biomass derived health functional ingredients safely, naturally and inexpensively.

Biomass resources such as plants contain various highly functional materials that help people’s lives and promote health. The current technology for extracting these materials has limitations: requiring large volumes of solvent (such as methanol); being inefficient; and being difficult to scale. This is reflected in the high price of natural biomass derived materials, and fossil fuel derived materials have become an inexpensive substitute.
We now provide a safer, natural and environmentally sustainable alternative.
We developed a new technology to efficiently extract highly functional materials from biomass that would become waste. Our technology goal is to provide an environmentally sustainable solution that is scalable for mass production. Our business goal is to contribute to the new regional economy through collaboration between agriculture and industry.

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