Phytochem Products Inc.

【PR Times】We started licensing and engineering business to provide “ion-exchange resin method” developed by Tohoku University.

We promote production and sales of super vitamin E (tocotrienol), vitamin E, and paraffin from rice bran using flow-type ion-exchange resin columns. The raw materials of these products are derived from domestic rice bran.
This time we started licensing and engineering business to provide our “ion-exchange resin method”.

Professor Naomi KITAKAWA found that ion-exchange resin exhibit catalytic activity in oil for the first time. This finding led to establish the “ion-exchange resin method”. We can extract functional ingredients from inedible oil which is a by-product in edible oil refining process by using the ion-exchange resin columns. And we can simultaneously translate the inedible oil into biofuels and functional materials using this method. The ion-exchange resin method is a fundamental technology that is widely applicable to produce fuels, foods, cosmetics, and pharmaceuticals. This method has large advantages in terms of production efficiency, energy consumption, and environmental safety (we use biomass-derived solvents). We have some patents on the separation and concentration of vitamin E.

The ion-exchange resin method is applicable to not only esterification to produce surfactant, emulsifier, latent heat storage material, lubricant, and raw materials for cosmetics but also separation and concentration of functional ingredients such as polyphenols and vitamin E. If you are interested in this technology, please contact us to discuss about commissioned researches and designing/scale up of experimental equipment.